Over $3 Billion Recovered for our Clients.

Recent Verdicts

Auto Accidents

$9,400,000 Car Accident Jury Verdict

Our firm obtained this verdict for a motor vehicle accident victim who required multiple surgeries.

$7,300,000 Car Accident Jury Verdict

The firm represented a limo driver who was driving on the Long Island Expressway. A box truck collided with a dump truck, became airborne, and landed on our client's car. He had knee and neck injuries, requiring knee surgery and epidural injections. A verdict was awarded in March 2010.

$550,000 Bicycle Accident Jury Verdict

The firm represented our client who was bicycling on White Plains Road when he attempted to pass between a parked vehicle and a public bus. Our client became wedged between the bus and vehicle, and injured his knee, which required knee surgery to fix. A verdict of $550,000 was awarded in September 2009.

Radi v. Mbaye

The trial court's decision to dismiss our client's claim for serious physical injuries suffered in a rear-end collision was reversed.

Aviation Accidents

In Re Mid Air Collision at Johnson Creek, Oregon

On June 28, 2013 two aircrafts struck each other in mid-air while attempting to land near Johnson Creek, Oregon; one child died. Our firms have been retained to represent different passengers of a Ford Tri-Pacer who were seriously injured when a Piper Arrow hit the aircraft midair, during landing, causing both aircrafts to crash and be destroyed. A young child in the Piper was killed and all other occupants were seriously injured.

In Re Southwest Airlines Crash LaGuardia Airport

On July 22, 2013 Southwest Airlines Flight 325 which was landing at LaGuardia Airport crash landed due to a failed nose gear. The crew was distracted during landing and the nose gear failed after a hard touchdown. Fortunately, no one was killed but there were some significant injuries. The pilot of the aircraft was recently fired by Southwest Airlines for violating company policies and procedures. Our firm was retained to represent injured passengers onboard the flight

Boatman v Bell Helicopters-Textron

On November 15, 2013 a UH-1 "Huey" helicopter crashed near Valle, Arizona shortly after takeoff. The helicopter pilot observed a partial loss of transmission oil pressure and began to land. Suddenly, the main rotors froze in flight causing the helicopter to crash. The pilot was trapped in the wreckage for 45 minutes before he was rescued by the responding paramedics. A post-accident inspection of the helicopter revealed that there was a catastrophic failure of the main transmission gearbox causing complete disintegration in the gears and seizure of the components. Inspection of the maintenance records revealed that the transmission was overhauled and mid-way through its expected life. As a result of the accident, the pilot sustained paraplegia injuries due to severe fractures in his back. This action was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court against the overhaul facility and others responsible for the accident.

In Re UH-1 Helicopter Crash

On September 21, 2013 a 1974 UH-1 "Huey" helicopter that crashed 60 miles north of Phoenix, Arizona. Both the pilot and his passenger were tragically killed in the accident. The helicopter was returning from an airshow at Flagstaff, Arizona when the main rotor system separated from the helicopter causing it to crash. Our law firms have been retained by the passenger's family to investigate the cause of the accident.


$52,000,000 MTBE Settlement

The firm obtained a $52M settlement with ExxonMobil Corporation and other defendants on behalf of numerous municipalities and municipal water districts whose potable drinking water sources were endangered and contaminated by leaks of the petroleum additive MTBE.

$11,000,000 Groundwater Contamination Settlement

The firm obtained this settlement for a water district serving over 48,000 residents in an action against several industrial entities for contamination of its drinking water supply wells.

$7,000,000 Class Action Settlement

The firm represented a Water District and its over 3,000 clients for damages resulting from MTBE contamination of their drinking supply wells in Pascoag, Rhode Island. For several weeks after the contamination was discovered, the residents were without water completely while the Water District negotiated with a nearby town to hook into their water supply. The $7 million dollar settlement was approved by the Court on June 28, 2012.

$3,600,000 Groundwater Contamination Settlement

Our firm obtained this settlement for a Floridian town whose groundwater was contaminated from a chemical manufacturing plant and industrial properties.

Multi-million Dollar Fracking Settlement

The firm represented over 50 residents of Dimock, Pennsylvania in their action against a natural gas companies for contamination of their drinking supply wells. Many of these people were featured in the 2010 award-winning "Gasland" documentary exposing the hazards of hydraulic fracturing. The terms of the August 2012 multi-million dollar settlement are confidential.

Multi-million Dollar Oil Spill Settlement

The firm represented over 300 residents of Greenpoint, Brooklyn in their action against several oil companies for personal injury and property damage caused by one of the longest ongoing oil spills in United State history. The terms of the multi-million dollar settlement, entered into in December 2011, are confidential.

Medical Malpractice

$2.5 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

This settlement was obtained on behalf of a family whose child was not diagnosed or treated in a timely fashion for meningitis. The child suffered permanent brain damage, quadriplegia, lost the ability to communicate and more.

$2.225 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

This settlement was obtained on behalf of a family whose newborn baby suffered intracranial bleeding, subdural bleeding, scalp laceration and more due to the use of a vacuum twice to extract the baby via C-section. This also necessitated the resuscitation of the baby due to poor APGAR scores.

Badolato v. Rosenberg

The Second Department affirmed the trial court's denial of summary judgment to chiropractor, holding that a physician retained to perform a physical examination for Workers Compensation or Disability purposes can be held liable for medical malpractice where the physician affirmatively interferes with the patient's treatment to his detriment.

Selva v. Lillie

The court affirmed a denial of summary judgment to general practitioner who claimed that her failure to refer a patient suffering neurological disorder that rendered him quadriplegic for specialist consult was not a departure from good medical practice because she did not have the neurological expertise to recognize that the patient was suffering from a systemic neurological disorder rather than a herniated lumbar disc.

Graham v. Mitchell

The appellate court reversed the trial court's order granting summary judgment on a catastrophically brain-damaged infant claim and reinstated the plaintiffs' complaint.

Raciti v. Sands Point Nursing Home, et al., 54 A.D.3d 1014 (2d Dept' 2008)

Reversing dismissal of plaintiff's complaint by the trial court which abused its discretion in refusing to consider plaintiffs' opposition and cross motion, delivered late to court due to interruption of transit service in a torrential rainstorm.


$35,300,000 Mesothelioma Jury Verdict

Jury awarded a former U.S. Navy machinist mate $35,333,209.00 as a result of being exposed to asbestos while working on equipment that the manufacturers knew, or should have known, was unreasonably dangerous.

$12,100,000 Mesothelioma Jury Verdict

This jury verdict was awarded to a Navy machinist mate with mesothelioma, an incurable cancer caused by asbestos, and his wife.

Other Class Actions

$30,750,000 Oil Royalty Settlement

The firm negotiated this oil royalty settlement for a class of over 4,500 royalty interest owners in Oklahoma against several large oil companies for their unauthorized deduction from royalty payments owed to claimants.

$7,800,000 Settlement

The firm obtained this settlement value on behalf of customers whose personal and financial information was compromised due to the company’s failure to properly protect this information.

Personal Injury

$1,900,000 Personal Injury Jury Verdict

The firm represented our client, a guest in the building, who leaned against an elevator door, believing it to lead to laundry facilities. The elevator door swung open from below, and he fell down the shaft, breaking part of his spine, tearing his urethra, and dislocating his shoulder. The verdict was awarded in May 2010.

$1,800,000 Construction Accident Settlement

The firm obtained this settlement on behalf of a construction worker who was electrocuted and fell from a scaffold that resulted in injuries requiring a cervical fusion.


$875,000,000 Pharmaceutical Settlement

The firm achieved a landmark settlement on behalf of thousands of plaintiffs injured as a result of taking defective diet medications.

$650 Million for Pradaxa Victims

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., makers of the heart drug Pradaxa, agreed to pay $650 million to settle the claims of approximately 4,000 people harmed by the drug. To learn more about this case, read the press release.

$220,000,000 Pharmaceutical Settlement

The firm achieved settlements on behalf of users of a pharmaceutical that caused heart defects.

$118,000,000 Pharmaceutical Settlement

The firm achieved settlements on behalf of users of a pharmaceutical that caused heart defects.

$100 Million NuvaRing Settlement

A settlement of $100 million was approved for NuvaRing injury victims. Senior Partner at NBRS, Hunter J. Shkolnik, served as Co-Lead Counsel in this case. For more information on this case, visit our blog.


$1.49 Million Judgement

This judgement was obtained on behalf of investors who were defrauded by Rajev "Rodger" Punj. The plaintiffs in this federal secruities fraud case alleged that Punj solicited the money for investments but instead deposited the funds into his personal bank accounts.

Client v. McGinn Smith & Co.

The firm represented a retail customer of a registered broker-dealer in a fraud and self-dealing case. Following a three-day arbitration, a panel of three arbitrators found McGinn Smith guilty of self-dealing and awarded our client his full out of pocket losses.

Client v. Financial Institution

The firm represented a retail customer who purchased a financial institution's bond funds from third party broker-dealer. The Client alleged that the financial institution misled investors and their brokers concerning the funds holdings. After intense litigation, the chair rejected the financial institution's argument that those who relied on the firm's representations contained in the prospectus and other materials disseminated by the firm did not have standing to hold the firm liable in FINRA and awarded the Client her full loss.

Client v. UBS Financial Services Inc.

The firm represented a retail customer in the inappropriate purchase of a private placement that defaulted on its debt. The Client argued that the purchase of the private placement violated the Investment Advisor Act of 1940's “Qualified Purchaser” provision that was designed to protect consumers from investing in speculative investments. The panel awarded the Client restitution with interest.

Platovsky v. City of New York

The trial court's order was affirmed in favor of our client, a litigation financial services company, finding that an arbitration clause in a litigation financing contract was effective against the contracting litigant despite collateral claims that the matter should remain in Supreme Court because the contracting litigant claimed that his trial attorney had been dismissed for cause.

WTC / Ground Zero

$816,450,000 WTC / Ground Zero Settlement

The firm negotiated this historic settlement for more than ten thousand workers' claims against the City of New York, its contractors and other defendants in the mass tort litigation where first responders, construction workers and laborers became ill as a result of toxic exposures suffered during the debris removal and clean up operations at the World Trade Center and related sites following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

$47,500,000 WTC / Ground Zero Settlement

The firm obtained this settlement for Injuries sustained by Rescue and Recovery workers at ground zero from toxic dust recovered from The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

$28,000,000 WTC / Ground Zero Settlement

The firm obtained this settlement for Injuries sustained by Rescue and Recovery workers at ground zero from Toxic dust while working on the Barges and Piers.

$24,500,000 WTC / Ground Zero Settlement

The firm obtained this settlement for Injuries sustained by Rescue and Recovery workers at ground zero from toxic dust at Fresh Kills landfill.

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